Harriers go Ultra

Two intrepid Hermitage Harriers got to experience what the first 2 day's of Eddie Izzard's 51 day epic must have felt like. Caroline Scrimshaw and Suzy Perry took on and conquered the Grantham Ultra Marathon.

Slightly shorter than initially advertised, due to widening-work on the A46 meant the event was only 29 miles each way by the time Caroline and Suzy lined up, instead of 29.3 miles. The route took the competitors along the Grantham Canal from Cotgrave to Grantham, followed by a very welcome nights rest in Grantham, then the return journey on Sunday 7th March 2010, totalling 58 miles in 2 days!!!

The course took the entrants through the beautiful Vale of Belvoir countryside, mainly on a gravel towpath but with a 7-mile stretch of mud and grass, no hills but plenty of bridges. A small band of supporters were there to keep them going en-route, cheering them into the finish on both days.

The results for Day-1, the first 29 miles was Suzy Perry finishing in 5hrs 50mins in 80th place out of the 98 finishers, and Caroline Scrimshaw finishing in 6hrs 12mins in 85th place.

The return journey to Cotgrave on the following day, another 29 miles was in Suzy Perry finishing in 5hrs 44mins in 61st place out of 76 finishers, and Caroline Scrimshaw finishing in 6hrs 15mins in 68th place.

Overall there were 65 competitors who completed both days, Suzy Perry finishing in 52nd place and Caroline Scrimshaw finishing in 58th place.

Both ladies had a fabulous weekend of racing and are even planning the next challenge. Caroline is set to compete in the Shakespeare Stratford Marathon in April, followed by the Windermere Marathon in May