Caroline beats the Reaper

Not one to show fear in the face of adversity, or shirk a challenge, our very own club secretary Caroline Scrimshaw recently udertook her latest ultra race - The Grim Reaper.

Caroline reports :

Ladies and gentlemen,

I would personally like to thank everyone for their sponsorship and support of my 'Grim Reaper' attempt on Friday, I would not have completed this challenge without it. Thank you.

The furthest I’d ever ran had been 29.3 miles and I was about to do 40 !!

We all set off at 9:30am, it was overcast and quite cool but after a couple of miles I realised I was going to have to lose a layer of clothing. Humidity was high, no water stations on the route so a rucksack with a drinks on board was required, keeping hydrated was paramount.

The first lap (10 miles) went okay, I felt comfortable but the enormity of what was ahead was sinking in. The route was a ‘testing’ course, a mixture of tarmac, trails and grass.

A quick break and then I was off for the second lap. Things were starting to hurt towards the 19/20 mile point, especially my feet, so a change of socks and trainers was required during the break before I set off for the 3rd lap. Realising that the completion of this lap meant I would have ran the furthest of my life was very scary. But I’d got a routine sorted, so I knew what I had to do.

The clouds started to clear and the temperature soared - It was so hot!!!

Completion of lap 3 included a little celebration from me, ‘YES !!! 30 miles done, 1 lap to go, 1 lap to go’. Another break, in the shade to cool down, and then I was off for my glory lap. Everything was hurting, but the messages of support I’d received from folks kept me going. I’d only got 10 miles to do - 10 MILES!!!! So, I set off for my glory lap!

3 miles in, a blister developed and burst on my left foot, the pain was excruciating. I swore loudly and then hobbled for a bit. On a mixed terrain it was difficult to avoid not putting pressure on it so I had to try and ignore it. I distracted myself by taking photos, texting friends and putting entries on Facebook.

2.5 miles to go and looking over the lake at Grimsthorpe Castle I could see the finishing line. Yes!!!, one more checkpoint to go and I’m done.

I enjoyed the run down the drive way to the finishing line, a fab experience. I received a big hug & tlc from one of the organisers but more importantly my finishers medal.

40 miles ran in 8:07:37, total time for the event (running & break times) 9:32:45

It still hasn’t sunk in fully what I’ve achieved.

Would I do it again?? ask me another day ;-)

My fundraising total for Macmillan currently stands at £724 with a couple of pledges to come in, so I would like to thank you once again for your sponsorship donations and encouragement, it really is appreciate.